Video conferencing is often a major part of unified communications and crucial in a business strategy. Collaboration leader Polycom predicts that video conferencing will surpass email and voice calls at the preferred method for collaboration, so you should consider it if you haven’t yet.

TriTech Corporation of America is the largest video conferencing integrator and reseller in Wisconsin. For over 10 years, our conferencing system services have provided and supported business solutions in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison, and across Wisconsin.

Why TriTech?

Wisconsin businesses trust TriTech because we are partners with and certified by reputable video conferencing leaders including Polycom, Lifesize, and Cisco. With access to the industry’s top names, TriTech can customize your ideal solution and support your existing system.

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Specialized Divisions
TriTech is a full-service IT company in southeastern Wisconsin. Our specialized division for video conferencing can manage your complete solution because they have the convenience of cabling and networking specialists in-house. As a one-stop shop, we don’t just save time but save you the hassle of going between specialty providers for one solution.

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Unified Communications
Unified Communications (UC) is communications being integrated in order to optimize business processes. TriTech has the experience and partners to develop and integrate video conferencing into a new or existing strategy. We’re able to best plan if you’re looking into video conferencing for now but hope to expand into UC in the future. We’re able to best plan around your existing UC strategy when designing your new solution.

Methodology for Video Conferencing Services from TriTech

TriTech provides video conferencing services and system support in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison, and throughout Wisconsin. Whether introducing video conferences into your business or administering to your current system, our experienced technicians can customize a solution for you.

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Business Conferencing Consultation. Video conferencing consultation services are available if you’re unsure about the technology or want to learn more before making a decision. You’ll tell our experienced professionals the reason for considering a video conferencing solution and what hoping to achieve.

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Network & System Analysis. Certified engineers will run an analysis of your networking infrastructure to study if additional equipment is needed for system performance. For existing systems, they’ll make recommendations based on how your goals can fit with what you have and possible alternatives.

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Conference System Design. Our certified design engineers will create your solution including networking and cabling services if required. They can build around piece of equipment you already have and suggest upgrades that better fit your strategy.

For more information on conferencing room design from TriTech, click here

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Video Conferencing Integration. If you have a system that needs to be installed or moved to a different location, TriTech offers conferencing system installation services. We will take care of any network infrastructure or cabling foundation necessary, set up your system carefully and correctly, configure your network for the video conferencing data and additional security, and teach your team how to use it.

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VC System Support. If your system isn’t working properly, don’t return to the ones that made it that way. Video conferencing support services from TriTech can help resolve repairs and issues. We can also support your VCS and UC for the future.

Verticals for Video Conferencing & Collaboration

TriTech has implemented and supported video conferencing solutions for businesses and organizations across all industries and markets including:

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Telemedicine for pharmacists and specialists saves money for institutions and patients.


Reduce travel costs and commuting time with video calls to different buildings, departments, and cities.


Customer Service
From retail to financial, representatives can communicate face-to-face with customers for a more personal experience and enhanced sense of support.

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Instantly connect with remote employees in a more professional manner than phone calls and personal setting than emails.


Live-stream educational and informative videos complete with slideshows and chat messages.

VC System Certifications

For you to be confident with your solution and our services, we require our video conferencing professionals to become certified experts in the technology.

  • Cisco TelePresence Video SMB Program
  • Lifesize Certified:
    • Basic Training
    • Sales Specialist
    • Technical Specialist
  • Polycom PCVE Certified Videoconferencing Engineer
  • Yealink Certified:
    • Video Conferencing Engineer (CVE)
    • Video Conferencing Sales Expert
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UC & Conference System Partners

As a reputable partner with industry leaders, TriTech is the largest integrator and reseller of video conferencing systems in Wisconsin.

The Largest Integrator & Reseller of Video Conferencing in Wisconsin, Partner of Collaboration Leader Polycom

The specialized video conferencing division at TriTech reduces stress and hassle by having cabling and networking resources conveniently available. TriTech provides complete solutions with services for every component to give you successful results. Contact us for video conferencing services in Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin today, (262) 717-0037 or toll-free 24/7 at (800) 891-3388.

  • Avaya Connect Silver Partner
  • AVer
  • Avteq
  • Cisco Premier Partner
  • Double Robotics
  • LifeSize Silver Channel Partner
  • Logitech
  • Microsoft Certified Silver Partner
  • Polycom Platinum Partner
  • Tely Labs
  • Yealink VAR & Authorized Online Reseller
    • Certified Video Conferencing Partner
    • Video Conferencing System (VCS) Partner Certified